About us

Portraits tell us how we look at people and how we like to see ourselves. By looking at portraits we learn about the sitter, the creator – and sometimes about ourselves.

We do not have a permanent location (yet). For a number of years we have therefore created exhibitions at various venues, with work from museum collections, corporate and private collections. Until we can move into our own space, we operate in a nomadic way: we are guests at museums and other locations. We also work on online productions, investigating how portraiture can contribute to the recognition and appreciation of people. Without value judgments, in a society in which people – instead of looking for confirmation of their own views – appreciate each other’s different backgrounds and stories.

The founding of the Gallery was supported by Loyens & Loeff and Sandy Nairne, former director of the National Portrait Gallery in London. The Gallery’s development and exhibitions are partly supported by the AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts). We award two Portrait Prizes every year with partner Rabobank. In 2019, these prizes were also partly funded by Pictoright Fonds.


mr. drs. Gerrit Jan Wolffensperger (Chair)
Jacqueline Bongartz (Treasurer, Managing Director Het Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam)
Ronald Vecht (Board Secretary; Head Legal Department NPO)
Sanne ten Brink (Head Curator ING Collection)

Advisory Board

Koos Breukel (portrait photographer, curator)
Annaleen Louwes (portrait photographer)
Robin de Puy (portrait photographer)
Emo Verkerk (visual artist)

©Jan Banning, Bureaucratics, Bolivia, Potosi, 2005