This autumn, the Dutch National Portrait Gallery and the National Maritime Museum present Humans at Sea, a photography exhibition about the broad, divergent maritime world in which amazing, stimulating and moving portraits and stories show how a life at sea can change people. 

The exhibition portrays how people adopt specific roles at sea, and how the sea changes our sense of identity: on board of a ship, we find social structures and hierarchies, but also freedom and transition. Seafaring people are always on the move, travelling from A to B – not alwaysby choice -, navigating between worlds, and sailing into the unknown. Humans at Sea features a fascinating selection of photographic works – many never previously exhibited – showing people and individuals who have shaped the maritime world. Here, where past and present meet, Humans at Sea presents human stories that touch on larger themes such as gender, inclusion and migration.      

On display from 7 October 2022 onwards. 
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Photo: Alphons Hustinx