Terms and conditions

(If one of the conditions below is not met, the photographer can be excluded from participation)

● Participation is free of charge.
● The work has been made between 17 May 2021 – 30 June 2022.
● Deadline for submission: 5 July 2022.

● Images are to be uploaded in high resolution jpg format (at least 6000 px on the long edge, with a minimum of 150 dpi)
● A curriculum vitae you can upload as an PDF and/or you provide a URL of your website / Instagram.
● The person portrayed was at least 12 years old on the day the photo was taken.
● Images do not show any names and / or copyright marks. This info can be included in the file’s metadata.

● Rabo Photographic Portrait Prize: the submitted portraits, with a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3, are made by a Dutch professional photographer or an international photographer who has worked in the Netherlands for a longer period of time. The portrait(s) has been made between 17 May 2021 – 30 June 2022.
● Rabo Photographic Portrait Talent: the submitted series, consisting of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 portraits, is made by a photography student or a photographer who has graduated from a Dutch photography academy. Self-taught professionals can also submit their work. All entrants within this category have not been working professionally in photography for more than five years, or are younger than 30 at the time of submission. The series has been made between 17 May 2021 – 30 June 2022. One portrait from this series may be created earlier in 2021.

● The photographer or his representative (agent, etc) must be entitled or have permission to submit the portraits for the (Talent) Prize.
● In submitting, the photographer declares that (s)he is the creator of the submitted portraits and that (s)he holds the copyright of the photograph(s).
● Photographers declare that they have the sitter’s permission to use his / her portrait (s) for participation.
● Upon request photographer must be able to provide a quit claim of each person portrayed. If the person portrayed is a minor, the quit claim must be signed by one of the parents.
● The photographer gives permission for the use of the portraits with the photographer’s credits in all possible forms of publicity surrounding the (Talent) Prize, including press, websites and social media of Dutch National Portrait Gallery and Rabobank.
● Dutch National Portrait Gallery and Rabobank are neither liable nor responsible for the use of images by third parties.

● If the entry is shortlisted by the jury for the (Talent) Prize:
– on request an additional high resolution jpeg or tiff file must be supplied of each shortlisted portrait.
– If the jury selects a submitted work for one of the shortlists, the photographer will contribute to a short video about the submitted work. 
– The photographer gives permission for the work to be included in an exhibition and / or an outdoor campaign.
– the photographer may be asked to supply a print with a hanging system on request (a framed print or a print on dibond with hanging system, etc) in case of an exhibition of the work. 

● The winning portrait (Rabo Photographic Portrait Prize) is made available by the maker for Rabobank’s art collection as a numbered and signed Fine Art print. The winner declares that a copy of the submitted portrait is available within the edition. In addition to the prize money, a maximum of 1.000 euros (including VAT) is made available by Dutch National Portrait Gallery for the production of this print.
● The shortlisted candidates authorize the Dutch National Portrait Gallery Foundation to act as a sales intermediary in case the submitted work is acquired through the Portrait Gallery’s as a result of the nomination or winning the (Talent) Prize.
● The photographer has the option of selling a special Rabobank edition of the work. The Dutch National Portrait Gallery Foundation will then act as an intermediary.

● The winner of the Rabo Photographic Portrait Prize will be invited to be a member of the jury in 2023.
● The winners of the Rabo Photographic Portrait Prize and the Rabo Photographic Portrait Talent 2022 are excluded from participation in the next edition.

Colette Lukassen, Emma, 2019 I winner Rabo Photographic Portrait Talent 2020