Rabo Photographic Portrait Talent 2019: Annabel van Royen

Winner Rabo Photographic Portrait Talent 2019: Annabel van Royen with her series ‘(Self) Portrait of a Young Girl’. According to the jury: ‘a series with a strong conceptual starting point, very personal and literally close to the skin of the models and the photographer.’

Annabel van Royen (1993), (Self) Portrait of a young girl, 2019


Annabel van Royen made a portrait series of girls between the age of 12-15 wearing the photographer’s clothes which she kept from that period in her childhood. Around this particular age, she went through a rough period, with a lot of changes that were hard to accept. ‘This series is a research in recreating a self-portrait of me when I was young, and a portrait of young girls in general, showing how strong and vulnerable they can be at the same time.’

Annabel van Royen (NL, 1993) is a multi media artist. She graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Photography and Fine Art in 2019. She participated in several group exhibitions and won the ‘European Photography Award’ in 2018 as well as the New Dutch Photography Talent (GUP) 2015. She has several publications to her name.